Ep.1 The door

"Alfe don't go throught this door."Horace said. "Why?"Alfe asked. "Because you going to get kill in there."Roba agreed. "Then why are guys going in?"He asked. "Because we need to find Rose's ferret."Horace reminded him. "Oh yeah Rose loves Mr.Pickles."Alfe said. Horace and Roba walked in. "Do you think Alfe will be okay by himself?"Roba asked. "I don't know."Horace replied. Alfe was bored, his drums got smashed by giant a week ago. Alfe ate all his pizza two days ago. He tried watching TV. "Geez everything on the TV is crappy."He thought, but he found something on Disney Channel. It was amazing, Alfe couldn't take his eyes off the seen. He thought who ever created this show was awesome. "This show is great I can't wait to show it to Roba and Horace."He thought. He remember his two only buds. He miss them so much. He ignored this friends and walked the door. "Horace? Roba?"He called. A bunny jumped on his head. Alfie screamed. The rabbit took Alfe to his fluffy king. "Sir I found Alfe."The sweet bunny said. "Why thank you Rabbit #18. Drop in the cute lava pit."The fluffiness order. Rabbit #18 pushed Alfe the tiny lava pit, but Alfe woke up in a prison. He saw his closest friends. "What happen guys?"Alfe asked. "You walked the door and this demon give you something to make you high."Horace said. "Alfe why did you even walk in here after we told not you?'Roba asked. "Because I missed you guys."Alfe hugged Horace and Roba tightly. "So how long are we in here?"Alfe asked.

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