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  • Duncanfan2000


    April 25, 2013 by Duncanfan2000

     Apparently every episode of The Problem Solverz is on Netflix now. This is including the unaired episodes. If you don't have Netflix (like me), the Problem Solverz Facebook page is going to put them up on their page soon. If anyone here has Netflix, feel free to make pages for the new episodes.

    Names of the new episodes:

    1. Making of the Problem Solverz Game

    2. Alfe is Da Boss

    3.Roba Has Dreadlocks

    4. Alfe Has a Baby

    5. Zazz Boys Are Zazzing It Up

    6. Yogurt Nights

    7. Super Close TV Watching

    8. Alfe's Gonna Run Away

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  • Duncanfan2000

    Season 2 News

    September 11, 2012 by Duncanfan2000

    Hi guys! I just found out that season 2 will premiere in the US on September 24!!!

    From the Facebook Page- We've got some great news Problem Solverz Fans!
    And It's time to let the Cat out of the bag and pick up where this show left off. The 2nd half of The Problem Solverz Season 2 Premiere's September 24th on Cartoon Network! And yes in the United States!
    Yeah we know, Rejoice! — at via Cartoon Network Publisher.


    It looks like the wiki will be active again!

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  • Duncanfan2000

    Hi guys. I know I have been really inactive lately, but thats just because I've had a lot of school work, ecspecially with science fair. I'm here now to tell you two things:

    1. This wiki IS NOT dead. It doesn't matter that there is really only 1 user, a few wikia contributors, and a lot of vandalizers. (SCAM LEADER, lollipop king, Austin Belt, and Corey. I will always be with this wiki no matter what.

    2. On the Problem Solverz Facebook page a new season was comfirmed. It will start sometime in 2012, but the exact date is unknown.

    Please thank the users who when someone vandalize this wiki their here:

    • RRabbit42
    • Cornprone
    • and many others

    Also thank the users that are not here anymore:

    • AlfeLover
    • Finn & Jake
    • and many more
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  • Duncanfan2000


    November 1, 2011 by Duncanfan2000

    Happy Halloween everyone!

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  • Duncanfan2000

    1,000th edit

    September 13, 2011 by Duncanfan2000

    Yesterday I made the 1,000th edit on the whole wiki. The badge earned me 100 points.

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