"Shouldn't we go help Horace and Roba just in case something bad happens-" "No, I'm sure they're fine, it's not a bif deal." Alfe interrupted Kate. "But it IS a big deal! They could be in trouble right now! We have to go. Please? Do it for me, Roba, and Horace! You're the sexiest, hottest, and awesomest of Problem Solverz and you know it!" She said while hugging him.

Upstairs, he saw Roba and Horace tied up on the jumbo Chompin' Cats game again (and appeared to be shot by the sleep ray. Kate grabbed Alfe's arm then Alfe gave her a bear hug to comfort her. "Alfe, do something! They're gonna die!" Alfe pounced on top of Bad Cat and said in a loud and anfgry voice "Unfreeze my friends or I'll ear you!" "And what are ya gonna do if I don't?" Bad Cat asked. Alfe just started going Alfescience on Bad Cat and Clawed at him and attacked him. He killed him then said"I got tonight's dinner!" Alfe untied the two and woke them up. "I'm so happy to see you guys!!" Alfe yelled while giving them both a tight bear hug. Horace looked around for a monent, then asked "Where's Kate?" "I dunno! Roba, did you rape her?!" Alfe asked while putting Roba in a headlock. "Tell me I'm awesome, you suck balls, and you're a nerd or I won't let go of you!" Roba said all that then, and Alfe laughed. Horace had a serious look onnhis face, then said "Lets go find Kate. She might be in trouble."

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