After Alfe ran into the casino, he saw Kate sitting at a booth, looking sad and lonely. Alfe ran up to her and sat down with her while wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "Where's Horace and Roba?" She asked Alfe, confused. "I dunno. They should be coming any minute. Ya wanna go somewhere dark and quiet?" Alfe said while smirking. "Sure." Kate said while smiling and blushing. They both went into some random janitor closet. After a few minutes, they made out and f****d each other in the closet. They didn't think of what would happen if someone came and opened the door. Thankfully, no one did, untill a few minutes later..........

Horace woke up from his sleep, confused. He saw Roba getting out of the dumpster. "Don't ask." Roba said in a nervous voice. Horace glanced around for a second. 'Where the fuck is Alfe and Kate?' Horace thought. 'Oh no.' "Roba, come on! We have to find out if Bad Cat stole all the supplies from the grocery store!" Horace said while already running into the casino. Roba followed him. "Pourno!" Roba screamed for no reason. "What the fuck was that?" Horace asked. Roba didn't reply. When they got in, Alfe and Kate were nowhere in site. "Roba, go check over there! I'll go check here! Also, open any door you can find. You never know, they could possibly need a little 'privacy'." After 20 minutes, they were ready to give up, but then Horace came across a door. On the door it says it's the janitor closet. When he opened the door, he was stunned for a few minutes, then slammed the door shut. "What was it?" Roba asked. "You don't wanna know." Roba thought of what he meant by that and cringed. 35 minutes later, Alfe comes out of the closet carrying Kate in his arms. Horace and Roba went off to solve the problem wirhout them, if they wanted to, they could just go back to fucking each other. Alfe sat down on a bench, still holding Kate and starring into her eyes as she stared into his. They both kissed for a few seconds, then decided to go play games. But what they didn't know right now was that Roba and Horace were in big trouble.

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