On the way to Bad Cat's awesome casino place, they drove by a pizza store. "OMFG! A PIZZA STORE! CAN I HAVE SOME PIZZA?!" Alfe yelled. Kate was startled by this. "Dammit Alfe! Not right now! You almost made me crash! You don't need to scream like that to be heard!" Horace yelled, already angry. "Please?" "No!" "Please?" "Maybe later! Not right now! We have a problem to solve!" "Now?" "Ughh! Fine! Here's some money to get pizza!" 'We just ate breakfast!' Horace thought. Horace waited for Alfe to get pizza (god knows how much he got Horace gave him $30). When Alfe came back to the car with 5 boxes of pizza, he put them down, hugged Horace tight, and said "I love you." and started snuggling up to him. Horace had nothing better to do than to hug him back. "Now we're going. And no more interruptions!" Horace was mad, but slightly calmed by Alfe's hug. Alfe was stuffing his face with pizza. He already finished all 5 boxes of pizza under 5 minutes. Roba began to wake up and said "Horace...... Alfe-" "No, I didn't do anything!" Alfe interrupted while covering Roba's mouth. "Please, just stop guys. We're almost there. Alfe, do you have the V.I.P.-" "V.I.D.? Of course I have the disguises!" Alfe interrupted. He was happy Roba didn't have a chance to tell (especially in front of Kate). When they got there, they got their V.I.D. disguises. Alfe wouldn't give Roba his. "You have to say I'm awesome like you really mean it to get it! Or I'll throw you in the nearest dumpster!" Alfe said while picking up Roba. "OKAY! OKAY! YOUR AWESOME! YOU ARE THE AWESOMEST PERSON EVER!" Alfe ignored what Roba said and threw him in the dumpster. Horace didn't even bother saying anything. "Kate, you can go in right now if you want." Horace said. She decided to go in. Alfe walked up to Horace, and said while messaging his shoulders "It's okay. Everything will be fine. You just need to clear your mind for a few minutes." Alfe picked Horace up (while hugging and humping him and snuggling up to him). Horace decided to try to hug Alfe back and clear his mind. Eventually, Horace fell asleep in Alfe's arms. He put Horace in the back seat of the car. "He deserved that nap." Alfe said with a smile. He went over to Roba, who just finished putting his V.I.D. disguise on, covered his mouth, knocked him over onto the ground, and started humping him again. Roba tried to get away (even though he knew he couldn't). After a few minutes, he threw Roba back in the dumpster and went to go look for Kate.

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