Horace checked every door except the last one. When he tried to open it, the door was locked. "Alfe, are you and Roba in there?" Horace asked. Alfe opened the door, ran up to Horace and huggged him tightly (kinda humping him) and yelled "I'm so happy to see you!" "I thought you said Roba was there." "Oh, crap. I almost forgot to tell you. I was trying to fi d him and when I did he was unconscious here on the floor." Alfe lied (but he sounded very convincing). "Why was the door locked?" Horace asked. Alfe just shrugged, making Horace wonder about him. Alfe carried Roba back to the car. Kate fell asleep in the car. When Alfe got in next to Kate, he leaned very close to her, not giving her any personal space. "Don't worry. Roba will be fine. Let's go solve this problem now!" Horace said in a relieved voice. Alfe and Roba drive him crazy too much all the time (how does he even stay sane?).

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