After eating breakfast, the four of them got in four of them got into the car and went into the grocery market. "Ugh! Again?!" Alfe said in a rude voice while rolling his eyes. "Yes, aga-" "Shut up, Roba." Alfe said while putting his massive hand over Roba's mouth. "So, do you have any idea who did this mayor?" Horace asked. "No." "I'm sure Bad Cat did it again. We we should go back to that possum place with a bunch of games and food and stuff! Can we go back there?" Alfe said. Horace was about to say no, but then out of nowhere Alfe hugged Horace really tight and yelled "Please please please please please please please please please-" while jumping up and down until Horace interrupted. "Okay! We'll go! But please don't do that again! Not only it's annoying, but you're litterally humping me!" Alfe ignored that last part and said "YAY!" then let go of Horace. Kate just stood there, blushing, and giggling at Alfe. 'I don't wanna stop humping you! It's fun and feels good! Well, it's a good thing Roba doesn't know I hump him in his sleep!' Alfe thought. Alfe just walked up to Roba (he was at a the other side of the store, so Horace couldn't see him). Alfe knocked him to the ground, got on top of Roba, hugged him tightly (so he couldn't get away or even move), and started humping him. "Eeeeeew! Sto-" Roba tried to say, but Alfe covered his mouth with his colossal hands again. "OMFG, THIS FEELS SO F****** GOOD IMA KEEP DOIN' THIS!" Alfe yelled happily. 'What a creep! If I was bigger and stronger than him, I'd kick his ass!' Roba thought. Roba hated to admit it, but he thought it kinda felt good on him (but it's also gross). After Horace was done talking to the mayor about the problem, Horace called Alfe's and Roba's name but didn't see or hear them. "Wait in the car, Kate. I gonna see if I can find Alfe and Roba. "Okay." Kate replied then she waited in the car. Alfe took Roba to a fitting room (while still covering his mouth so he couldn't scream for help) and locked the door so no one would hear him humping him. 'Omfg, this feels sooooooo gooooood' Alfe thought. Well, now he's been gumping Roba for an hour straight. And Horace still couldn't find them. "Dammit! Why didn't I think of this before? They're probably in the fitting rooms!" That thought made Horace cringe. But he knew he had to look there.

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