It was 7 in the morning. That was around the time the Problem Solverz usually get up. Alfe and Kate were still sleeping in the same bed together. Horace came into Alfe's room and saw them hugging and snuggling up to each other in their sleep. "Alfe!" Horace yelled in a mad and suprized voice. This startled both Kate and Alfe. Alfe looked clueless while Kate looked nervous. Horace just tried to ignore what he saw and said "Come on. We're gonna go get some breakfast," "Where at?" Kate asked. She just now realized she was sitting with Alfe in bed and quickly bot off. Alfe just kept staring at her. "Somewhere where we can get actual breakfast AND NOT PIZZA." Horace said while looking at Alfe. Either way, Alfe was happy as long as he got to eat something. Horace told them to be ready in 15 minutes if they wanted to come. A few minutes after Norace walked out, Kate was about to, until Alfe grabbed her arm while smirking. She bot pulled back and fell over on to the bed, and Alfe rolled on top of her. At this point, they both had a lovesick looks on their faces. "Ya' know, we mind as well just leave them here," Roba said. "It would be a lot more pieceful!" Horace gave Roba dirty look. "Why don't you go see if they're ready?" Horace asked to Roba. "Sure..." When Roba was about to see what they were doing, he saw Alfe on top of Kate in bed and they were kissing (on the lips). Roba practially gagged. "We're going-" "Go away, Roba!" Alfe interrupted. "No, you guys are coming with to make sure your not naughty while we're gone. AT THE RESTAURANT........ Alfe and Kate sat right next to each other in the booth. Alfe had his arm rapped around her the whole time. She was both uncomfortable and happy with him doing that. 'I am so glad we didn't let them stay home!' Horace thought.

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