LATER THAT NIGHT..... Horace gave Kate a blanket and pillow and said "You can sleep wherever you want. The couch, the floor, the chair wherever you're comfortable." Horace went to bed, exhausted. Alfe and Roba were already in bed. Kate hated that it was so cold in the living room. She just ignored it, closed her eyes, and tried to go to sleep. All of a sudden, she felt uncomfortable like she was being watched. Shemopened her eyes and saw Alfe starring at her from above. She tried to scream (she got startled), but Alfe covered her mouth with his massive hand. Alfe asked Kate "Ya wanna go night night with me in my bed?" while smirking. "Fine. But only because-" Alfe interrupted her by giving her a tight hug. Because she was so cold in the living room, Kate decided to snuggle up to Alfe with her eyes closed. From seeing this, Alfe smirked. When he got to his room, he saw that Kate had fallen asleep in his arms, smiling and still snuggling up to him. After putting her in his bed and him getting in the bed with her, he secretly ****** her in her sleep. A few minutes after, Alfe fell asleep hugging Kate tightly while smiling.

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