"Alfe! Stop making Roba insult himself! And let go of him, Dammit! We have to find Kate!" Horace said. "I'm right here. I just had to go to the bathroom." Kate said while walking into the room. Alfe ran up to her, gave her a tight hug (slightly lifting her off the ground) and said "I'm so fu***** happy you're okay!" Kate tried to hug him back, but just snuggled up to him instead (she couldn't move her arms).

A FEW MINUTES LATER AFTER GOING BACK TO THE CAR... Kate and Roba were already in the car. "Horace, can I have pizza?" Alfe asked Horace. "No! You ate five boxes of pizza on there!" Alfe pounced on top of Horace. "GIMME MY PIZZA!!!!" He yelled very loud. He looked angryl His fur didn't look neat, he had his dangerously sharp claws and fangs showing, and he had foam around his mouth. Terrified (but still angry), Horace said "Okay, fine! But don't threaten to kill me or anyone else JUST to get pizza! Okay?" Alfe ignored Horace. Alfe stayed on top of Horace for few minutes, humping him. Horace gave him a dirty look, but Alfe ignored him. 'Why is Alfe acting so crazy right now?' Horace thought. "Will you please just get off me?" Horace asked angrily. Alfe stopped, quickly got off him and said "Uhhh.... sorry...." When they got in the car, Alfe whispered to Roba "I'm gonna fuck you in your sleep!" Creeped out, Roba just sat there the whole time, silent. 'I hope he doesn't always do that.' Roba thought, scared.


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