The car came crashing down in the dirt, practically squishing the trio. Alfe ended up crushing Roba by accident while Horace was jammed in the front seat of the car. It was practically buried halfway in the dirt. Alfe immediately got off of Roba, and just barely managed to climb out of the car.

"Ow..." Roba said in a week voice.

"Uhhhhhh........ I think Horace is unconscious..." Alfe looked worried and sad, then immediately picked Horace up out of the car. Roba climbed out and went over to Horace, just laying there, not even moving a muscle.

"Horace......" Alfe said in a soft, weak, voice while hugging him. Roba could see the tears in Alfe's eyes. He was upset as much as Alfe was.

"Don't worry, Alfe. Everything's going to be fine," Roba said. "But we can't stay here, if we wait too long then we won't make it to defuse the atomic bomb. You're gonna have to just carry Horace. Come on. We have to go this way!"

Alfe followed Roba.

"So, uh, do you know which order thseasons are in this place?" Alfe asked Roba.

"Right now we're currently in summer. Then after that comes spring, fall, then winter in that order. The bomb was claimed to be in the winter time, which is the hardest to survive in out of the other seasons."

Alfe looked down at Horace again, worried. But there was one thing they forgot: They just entered Danger Woods, and they completely forgot to bring all the stuff they needed for the trip!

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