Alfe woke up beside the women he raped last night. "What the f*** happened?" Alfe forgot about what happened (but he wanted to remember). Robanwas tired of sitting in a bar doing nothing, so he decided to walk out and get some fresh air. When saw Alfe and the women Alfe raped, he said angrily "You're a monster! Why do always have to have sex with people?! You're so gross-" Alfe interrupted what Roba had to say by punching him in the face. Alfe giggled when he saw Roba pass out. There was blood all over his face. Slightly drunk, Alfe walked over to a random girl and asked "Whatchya' doin'?" while pulling the head hole of her shirt down and touching her tits. "Get away from me you son of a bitch!" the women yelled while trying to push Alfe away. He stole her purse, stealing her cell phone and all the money he could find in in it. Then he just threw the purse on the ground, hugged the women, made out with her and started sexually abusing her.


Roba was somewhat conscious. Alfe was raping every girl he could see in the bar and he humped all the guys. Just then, Alfe heard the cops coming. He quickly grabbed Roba and tried to make a run for it. The cops were appauled by Roba's face. They could tell Alfe has been abusing Roba big-time. "Please help-" Alfe covered Roba's so he couldn't say anything to the cops. Alfe ignored the cops and sprinted away. That when the cops called the police department and said "We're gonna need more back up!" (There were only 4 back up cops that just now tried to catch Alfe).

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