Roba wouldn't quit shedding tears from what just happened, so Alfe had to drag him into the bar. "If you leave this building, I'll murder you." Alfe said to Roba while putting him in a headlock. Roba managed to nod, still crying. Without warning, he threw Roba to the ground and ran over to what appeared to be a young couple. Alfe picked up the girl's boyfriend, then threw him across the bar. The young lady was mad and terrified (& also starting to cry). Then Alfe picked the lady up (covering her mouth at the same time) and outside with her. Alfe had that evil look on his face (smirking with his fangs showing), which made the girl timid. He tore her shirt and bra off, and stared at her **** for a few moments, while the girl started crying and couldn't talk because Alfe's massive hand was blocking her mouth. Alfe said while smirking "Holy shit! Your tits are huge!" After that, he ripped her pants and underwear off, leaving her completely nude. Alfe pounced on top of her, hugged her tightly, and fucked her while making out with her. The girl was still crying, while Alfe was as happy as can be (And this all happened in woods nearby the bar). When Alfe was finally do e making out with her, she managed to squeak while crying and hugging Alfe tightly "Please stop! I can't take it anymore! Please-" "You better shut the fuck up right now or I'll murder you!" Alfe interrupted with his evil fangs showing and his claws ready to scratch her. After that terrifying moment, she didn't say a single word. She didn't want to get hurt by Alfe (to her, he looked like a guy you don't wanna mess with), so she let him do whatever he wanted to do with her. After Alfe let go of her for a second, she tightly hugged Alfe while crying. Alfe hugged her (very tightly) back. He saw that she appeared to be comforted by the hug, so Alfe just sat there for a few minutes, hugging her (also kinda humping her). Suprizingly, Alfe pounced on top of her and tney BOTH fucked and made out with each other. Eventually, they both fell asleep, with Alfe still on top of her, fucking and hugging her for a few hours.

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