MEANWHILE BACK AT THEIR HEADQUARTERS....... Horace was very worried about Alfe and Roba. All of a sudden, he heard a strange noise that sounded like someone's muffled voice. And it was coming from Alfe's room. When he went in andopened the closet, he was appauled. There was a tied up girl (that appeared to be 19) with duct tape taped to her mouth, crying her eyes out. After untying her, she said while hugging Horace tightly "Thankyou!" "What happened? Why were you in there?" Horaace asked. "This weird brown dude brought me here and raped me. I got sexually abused....." She said while crying and hugging Horace. Horace hugged her back to comfort her. Then she decided to run away from the house.

A few minutes later, Alfe got off of Roba (Roba didn't dare try to run away). "Why did you do that?!" Roba asked, trying to put his ripped pants back on. "I need a hug." Alfe said (which didn't answer the question) while walking closer to Roba. Then Alfe just stood there hugging Roba so tightly he came close to suffucating. Roba was upset, and decided to hug Alfe back. This made Alfe hug him tighter. Eventually, he was humping Roba. Roba couldn't do anything about it though because he couldn't move. "Oh my god, that feels so damn good!" Alfe yelled. Roba wished he would stop. A few minutes later, Alfe yelled while putting Roba in a headlock "OMFG! A bar! Ima go there!....... To rape girls.." Alfe started to run and drag Roba to the bar. When Alfe got to the bar, he put Roba in a tight painful heaslock and said "If you wanna come in with me, you have to promise you'll do anything I tell you to do, yell that you suck balls, and yell Alfe is awesome........ Un less ya wanna get murdered!" "Okay! I promise I'll do anything you tell me to, I suck balls, and Alfe is awesome!" Roba squeaked. "Now speaking of you sucking balls, I want you to suck my balls." "Why?" Robanasked to Alfe. "Because you probably don't wanna get murdered.


"Holy shit that felt good... Now lets gon into that bar...." Alfe while smirking, putting Roba in a headlock, and humping him again.

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