After Alfe ran to a different city away from Farboro, he put Roba down for a second. He tried to make a run for it, but Alfe grabbed Roba by hugging him tightly. Alfe didn't stop hugging him. His eyes were closed while hugging Roba and he was snuggling up to Roba. Roba was too weak to get away from him. " What the hell are you doing?" Roba asked. Alfe just hugged him evem tighter, practically suffocating him. 'I needed a hug.' Alfe thought in his mind. "I love you, Roba." Alfe whispered while rubbing Roba's back with one hand. Roba was relieved. He thought Alfe was gonna rape him. Then all of a sudden, he ripped Roba's pants off, pounced on him (making Roba fall with Alfe on top of him) and started tongue kissing Roba. He was also hugging Roba tightly and fucking him nonstop. 'WTF?! HE'S IN LOVE WITH ME! GET OUTTA MY PANTS ALFE!' Roba thought in his mind.

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