Roba secretly began to call the cops behind Alfe's back. Out of nowhere, Alfe pounced on top of Roba with his claws and fangs showing and said "If you even TOUCH a phone I'm gonna rape you!" Terrified, Roba fainted. Horace was already in bed asleep that night. He didn't want to deal with Alfe right now. He was too exhausted to do anything. Alfe started to hump Roba while he was unconscious. A few hours later, Roba woke up, still shivering in fear. He wanted to go to bed, but Alfe came out of nowhere and pounced on top of Roba, knocking him to the ground. "Yer not going to bed!" Alfe yelled at Roba. "I'm not?" Roba squeaked. "No! Yer gonna let me hug you tightly while I hump you!" Alfe yelled. He grabbed some. While he was humping Roba and hugging him tightly, Alfe kissed him on the lips (which made it hard to scream). Roba was crying, scared, and nervous. He wondered if Alfe actually LOVED him. Roba hated to admit it, but the hugging part actually comforted him, so started snuggling up to Alfe, but still not happy about the humping and kissing.

NEXT DAY THAT EVENING...... "Alfe, did you kidnap any girls recently and rape them?" Horace asked, looking angry but was still cautious. "Do you have a problem with that?" "Yes, I do Alfe." Randomly, Alfe came up to Horace, gave him a tight bear hug and said "I'm sorry. I felt like I needed to hug you right now. I love you Horace. A tear ran down Horace's eye as he tried to hug Alfe but snuggled up to him instead. Alfe actually had a tear run down his eye, too. While Alfe was distracted hugging Horace, Roba secretly called the police. Alfe saw this at the last minute after it was too late. Alfe ran up to Roba, picked him up (basically kidnapping Roba) and sprinted out the door. "Someone help-" Alfe covered Roba's mouth with his massive hand. "Shut the fu** up, Roba! Or I'll murder you!" Roba was extremely timid. "I can't f****** believe that just happened..." Horace said, somewhat in a trance. A few minutes later, Horace fainted.

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