All was quiet. No one said much, until Alfe woke up from a huge bump in the road. "Where am I?! Why am I in a car?! Where are my tacos?!" He yelled in a grumpy voice. "Ugh! You ate them before we left! Roba yelled. "I'm hungry, can I eat something?" "No, Alfe. You ate like 6 tacos before we left. That wasn't too long ago." Horace said. Alfe growled and looked out the window. "How much longer do I have to be bored?!" Alfe yelled. "30 minutes. And can you please stop asking so many questions?!" Roba replied. "I don't wanna wait this long!" Alfe replied angrily. "Uh, Roba? Is there supposed to be a big ditch ahead?" Horace asked. "Well, actually, yeah. Danger woods is underground. And that's actually a deep hole in tne ground to enter it...... and it's extremely dangerous. Alfe grabbed Roba from the front seat and yelled "So you rather fall in a ditch instead of ordering me pizza?! If we make it out alive, I'm gonna lock you in your room for the rest of your life!" "Ummmmm...." Roba mumbled. He was still terrified from Alfe pulling him out from the front seat. All of a sudden, the car fell though the hole, falling at a dangerously high speed. Horace was holding on to the steering wheel, terrified while Alfe and Roba were holding on to each other, also terrified.

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