Horace and Roba packed their bag and put it in their car. "Where's Alfe?" Roba asked Horace. "He's probably sitting on the couch eating whatever he can find in the fridge." Horace replied. Sure enough, he was laying on the couch watching T.V. , half asleep and eating some tacos. "Alfe!" Horace yelled, furious. Alfe was so startled he fell off the couch face-first. All the tacos he was holding fell on the floor. "Did you pack a bag at least?!" Horace asked. "No....." Alfe said while sitting back onto the couch. "Fine, just get in the car." Alfe ate all the tacos on the floor and slowly walked to the car. "Alfe's so annoying...." Roba murmured before they got into the car. Alfe got in the back, Roba was in the front passenger seat, and Horace was driving. Alfe fell asleep in the back without a seat belt on. Horace sighed, then said "Okay, we're going now. We're not gonna stop until we get there."

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