It was another laid-back day for the Problem Solverz. Roba was on the computer (being a nerd :P) while Horace was giving Alfe a bath. "I'm bored! Can you go get me some pizza?!" Alfe yelled in Horace's ear. "Alfe! Stop asking me for pizza! You can have pizza later!" Horace yelled, angry with Alfe. "Can you PWEEZ get me pizza?!" Alfe asked Horace again, this time hugging him and getting soapy water all over him. "Alfe! Stop being such a spaz all the time!" After rinsing Alfe off, he immediately jumped out of the tub, getting water everywhere he went. "Horace! We have a case to solve! It's about time!" Roba yelled from a different room. "What is it?!" Alfe said before Horace while wrapping his arm around Roba. "Ugh! Alfe, yer all wet! Anyway, there's a huge problem out in...... well, are you sure you want to know?" Roba said in a worried voice. "YES! TELL ME!" Alfe yelled while shaking Roba.

".......... Danger Woods. There's a bunch of aliens from another dimension that planted a mega atomic bomb deep in there. It's hidden somewhere, and we have to find it........ and if we don't........ this whole dimension will be wiped out instantly..."

"WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE IN DANGER WOODS???!!!" Alfe yelled, annoyed. "We'll have to take this case!" Horace said. "Yeah, great, whatever do I still get my pizza?!" "Alfe, can't you go through one day without pizza?" Roba asked rudely. "I don't want to!" "Roba, Alfe, stop arguing! We're going out there and defusing that bomb! It's gonna be dangerous, but we have to do this! We're the Problem Solverz! Go pack a bag!" "How long will this take?!" Alfe asked, getting more and more annoyed. "It's gonna take quite some time. The bomb's not gonna go off until two months from now. If we go now, we'll be able to make it through all four seasons just barely." Roba said. "What?" Alfe said, confused. "Yeah, the Danger woods have all four seasons. The most dangerous of them all: winter. We have to get through all four seasons to get deep in the woods where the bomb is, so pack a bag with everything you could possibly need. Danger Woods is 2 hours away from here if we drive by car (the fastest way to get there)." "Well, let's get our bags packed and we'll leave at 2 pm." Horace said. Alfe gave Horace a dirty look. Horace backed away with gis hands in front of him, slightly worried.

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