Problem Solverz Academy
Season 2, Episode 5
Problem Solverz academy pic
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Mermaid Raid

Problem Solverz Academy is the 16th episode of the series.



Case #12321321: Problem Solverz go to the Problem Solverz Academy.


After failing to defeat an internet-eating parasite, Tux Dog sends Alfe, Horace, Roba, and including K-999, to the Problem Solverz Academy to become better at problem solving. Roba becomes the "cool guy" and Horace becomes the dork. Later in the episode the internet-eating parasite attacks the school and the Problem Solverz end up defeating it.

Trivia Edit

  • The Internet-Eating Parasite resembles the aliens that Roba mentioned in The Zazz Boyz Are Zazzing It Up.

Gallery Edit

Click here the the Problem Solverz Academy gallery.

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